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Projects Journal

This is some of the work we do on our projects in Fryent Country Park. We hope it inspires you to come and join us in our efforts to maintain this beautiful natural park.

27/08/2023: Honey Slough and Richards Pond

BHCG volunteers were working on Honey Slough and Richards ponds on the on going project to improve the biodiversity around the ponds cutting back scrub and pond Iris. Also a group cut back the Japanese Knotweed on the mounds on Fryent Way. Cleared 8 blue bags of litter from the park.

Photo Credits: Amanda Rose

20/08/2023: Barn Hill: Lombardy Poplar Avenue and Ant Hill Glade

Photo Credits: Amanda Rose

13/08/2023: Cowlays Woodland

06/08/2023: Lyon Field, Gaderbrook, and a mix of habitats

30/07/2023: Barn Hill Acid Grassland